Diversity Committee

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Mission of the Diversity Committee

The doctoral program in Clinical Psychology at the University of North Carolina is strongly committed to issues of diversity. In 1998, the Diversity Training Committee was established as a joint faculty-student effort to facilitate training in diversity issues and the evaluation of our own diversity training. In 2002, the Diversity Training Committee and Clinical Psychology program faculty adopted the following mission statement:

“The mission of the Diversity Training Committee is to foster an atmosphere that promotes open dialogue about cultural issues and to develop the Clinical Psychology program into an exemplary model for producing culturally competent practitioners and researchers.”

In addition, the Clinical Psychology program and the Diversity Training Committee recognize that there are many aspects of diversity, including differences along dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, culture, language, socio-economic status, age, geography, national origin, and physical ability. We recognize that any given individual may identify as a minority member along more than one of these dimensions.

Click here to access an overview of our developmental sequence of diversity training throughout our graduate program.


Our major goals as a committee, as well as specific activities in service of these goals, are listed below:

Draw attention to the ways in which we, as researchers, clinicians, and teachers, can incorporate a greater understanding of diversity into our multiple professional roles

Specific tasks:

  • Hold seminars aimed at the development of case conceptualization skills for working with diverse clientele
  • Include a focus on diversity in professional development seminars
  • Organize activities to increase awareness of issues associated with dimensions of our own multicultural identities in relation to our work as clinicians and researchers, e.g. through the cultural plunge and genogram seminars

Promote diversity among faculty and students of our department

Specific tasks:

  • Recruitment of minority member faculty and students
  • Host annual “minority brunch” as part of applicant interview weekend

Encourage integration of diversity training throughout our curriculum

Specific tasks:

  • Have faculty members who serve on the diversity committee take part in decision making about curriculum planning at monthly faculty meetings, with diversity training goals in mind
  • Periodically assess the extent to which students and faculty in the program feel that we are meeting our diversity training goals
  • Support faculty who offer training opportunities related to diversity committee’s goals (e.g. multiculturalism course, extra-curricular seminars, etc.)

Promote awareness of university/community events related to dimensions of diversity

Specific tasks:

  • Regularly host film/discussion nights on diversity topics
  • Send emails to department listserves, informing students and faculty of special events and diversity training opportunities (e.g., MLK Jr. Day guest speakers, SafeZone trainings, departmental training opportunities, etc.)

A final note: The diversity training committee is open to any and all feedback about ways in which we can best serve the department in accordance with the goals outlined in this document. Any ideas that you may have for training opportunities, speakers, events, etc. can be sent to any member of the diversity committee and will be discussed in our next committee meeting.

APA Guidelines on Multicultural Training for Psychologists