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On April 3-5, 2014, the UNC Clinical Psychology Program hosted its first annual Diversifying Clinical Psychology (DCP) Weekend. The program was intended as an opportunity for talented ethnic/racial minority undergraduates and recent college graduates invested in pursuing doctoral level training in clinical psychology to experience an intensive set of seminars and workshops on graduate school in clinical psychology. Throughout the weekend, students attended seminars, panel discussions, and workshops on the various components of a graduate school application, with the aim of assisting them in developing a competitive application. Students also had the opportunity to meet with UNC clinical psychology doctoral students and faculty in both formal (e.g., seminars) and informal settings and to get an introduction to the UNC program in clinical psychology as well as to graduate training in psychology more broadly.

Below is the itinerary developed for the 2014 Diversifying Clinical Psychology Weekend, as well as the materials that were used for each workshop, seminar, or panel. We hope that individuals interested in clinical psychology doctoral programs will find these materials helpful as they prepare to apply to graduate programs in clinical psychology!


Activities: (Thursday, April 3rd)

8:15 pm

Welcome Dinner with Clinical graduate student hosts and the UNC Clinical Psychology Diversity Training Committee
Discussion: Introductions, review of DCP Weekend mission, review of agenda for weekend, overview of folder materials


Activities: (Friday, April 4th)

8:00 am

Breakfast and Discussion: Introduction: What is Clinical Psychology?
Presenting: Dr. Mitch Prinstein (Program Director & Distinguished Professor)
DOWNLOAD “What Is Clinical Psychology?” Presentation

DOWNLOAD “Mitch Prinstein’s Uncensored Advice to Applying to Graduate School in Clinical Psychology”

8:30 am

Discussion: Introduction to UNC’s Clinical Psychology Program
Presenting: Drs. Mitch Prinstein (Program Director & Distinguished Professor) & Anna Bardone-Cone (Associate Professor)

9:15 am

Introduction to UNC’s Clinical Psychology Faculty
Presenting: Drs. Anna Bardone-Cone, Don Baucom, Deborah Jones, Enrique Neblett, David Penn, Mitch Prinstein, and Gabriel Dichter

9:30 am


9:45 am

Discussion: The Application Process
Presenting: Sophie Choukas-Bradley (graduate student), Matt Cohen (graduate student), & Dr. Mitch Prinstein (Program Director & Distinguished Professor)

DOWNLOAD “The Application Process” Presentation
DOWNLOAD “Overview of Suggested Steps for Applying to Graduate School” Handout
To learn about GRE funding resources for low-income students, visit: http://www.princetonreview.com/corporate/foundation.aspx

10:45 am

Discussion: Creating Your Curriculum Vitae
Presenting: Ben Buck (graduate student), Dr. Andrea Hussong (Professor & Director of the Center for Developmental Science), and Dr. Gabriel Dichter (Assistant Professor of Psychiatry & Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology)

DOWNLOAD “Preparing a CV” Presentation
DOWNLOAD “CV Template” Handout

11:45 am


12:00-12:50 pm

Lunch with Clinical faculty
Attending: Drs. Anna Bardone-Cone, Don Baucom, Andrea Hussong, Deborah Jones, Enrique Neblett, David Penn, Mitch Prinstein, Eric Youngstrom, and Gabriel Dichter

12:50 pm


1:00 pm

Lab Meeting #1 (attendees were assigned to faculty lab meetings based on research interests)

1:30 pm

Lab Meeting #2 (attendees were assigned to faculty lab meetings based on research interests)

2:00 pm


2:15 pm

Discussion: Obtaining Good Research Experience
Presenting: Jessica Solis (graduate student), Donte Bernard (graduate student), Dr. Anna Bardone-Cone (Associate Professor), and Dr. David Penn (Distinguished Professor)

DOWNLOAD “Getting Good Research Experience” Presentation

3:00 pm

Discussion: Personal/Research Statements
Presenting: Michelle Gonzalez (graduate student), Margaret Anton (graduate student), Dr. Don Baucom (Distinguished Professor), and Dr. Deborah Jones (Professor)

DOWNLOAD “Personal Statement Workshop” Presentation

4:00 pm


4:15-5:15 pm

Discussion: Interviewing
Presenting: Kim Pentel (graduate student), Laura Fabricant (graduate student), Dr. Enrique Neblett (Associate Professor), and Dr. Eric Youngstrom (Professor)

DOWNLOAD “Interviewing” Presentation
DOWNLOAD “Interview Questions” Handout

6:30 pm

Dinner with graduate student hosts and Diversity Training Committee in Davie Hall courtyard


Activities: (Saturday, April 5th)

9:00 am

Discussion: Life in Graduate School
Presenting: Melanie Fischer, Jennifer Belus, Mian-Li Ong, Michelle Gonzalez, and Julia Browne (Clinical graduate students)

9:50 am

Discussion: How to Select a Clinical Psychology Program
Presenting: Donte Bernard (graduate student), Shawn Jones (graduate student), and Dr. Anna Bardone-Cone (Associate Professor)
DOWNLOAD “How to Select a Graduate Program in Clinical Psychology” Presentation

10:50 am


11:00 am

Discussion: Feedback from Mentors on Curriculum Vitae and/or Personal Statements

11:45 am

Lunch and discussion on being a racial/ethnic minority in graduate school with Clinical graduate students

12:45 pm

Games, Mingling, and Campus Tours with Clinical graduate students

If you have any questions about the materials posted here, please email Sam Sifrar at sifrar@unc.edu