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Michelle Gonzalez, a graduate student in Clinical Psychology, is the recipient of the Ernest C. Davenport Award, a diversity research award.

The purpose of the Ernest C. Davenport Award for Outstanding Psychological Research by a Student Who Enhances Diversity is to encourage and honor students from under-represented groups who make a contribution to the advancement of knowledge of psychological science.

Michelle won for her work with Dr. Deborah Jones. Her research focuses on variability in at-risk and under served families, including African American single mother and low income families. Her graduate work has resulted in 9 publications, 11 conference presentations, and a National Institute of Mental Health Diversity Supplement, which has allowed her to focus on the role of maternal depression in the treatment of low income families of young children with behavior disorders. Michelle is invested in advancing science on and service to the underrepresented and under served. For example, Michelle has been integrally involved in Psychology FIRSTS, a monthly workshop for first-generation college student psychology majors at UNC and the Clinical Psychology Program’s Diversity Committee. She will continue her important work through an internship at the Veterans’ Affairs Medical Center in Honolulu which will broad her exposure to various cultures, including native Hawaiian, Chinese, Filipino, Korean, Samoan, and African, veterans, and their families.

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