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The Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program is now accredited by the Psychological Clinical Science Accreditation System (PCSAS).

PCSAS was created to provide rigorous, objective, and empirically-based accreditation to both recognize and promote exemplar clinical science programs that embody the highest science-centered standards of education and training. PCSAS programs produce integrative and transdisciplinary psychological clinical scientists, who in their research and application, employ scientific methods and knowledge from a broad range of scientific perspectives to advance our understanding and management of important public health problems and to extend the science base for psychological care.

To earn PCSAS accreditation, programs must demonstrate a strong commitment to high-quality, science-centered education and training in clinical psychology, with an emphasis on integrative research and application. Programs must also provide clear evidence of a consistent record of graduating clinical scientists – individuals who have made meaningful contributions to basic and applied research relevant to mental and behavioral health problems and who have used their scientific knowledge and skills to design, develop, select, evaluation, supervise, disseminate, and deliver empirically supported assessments, interventions, and prevention strategies. Additional evaluation criteria include strong mentoring in research and application and a commitment to continuous quality improvement.

The PCSAS Review Committee granted accreditation to the UNC Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology after determining it to be a very strong program that meets and exceeds PCSAS’s high standards for accreditation.

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