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Core Faculty

Abramowitz, Jonathan
255 Davie Hall
(919) 843-8170

Dr. Abramowitz studies psychological processes and cognitive-behavioral treatment of anxiety disorders, especially obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and health-related anxiety. Visit him online: UNC Anxiety Lab.

Dr. Abramowitz will be accepting a student to start Fall 2018.

Bardone-Cone, Anna
Professor | Co-Director of Diversity Initiatives
268 Davie Hall
(919) 962-5989

Dr. Bardone-Cone studies etiology and maintenance of bulimia nervosa with particular interests in the roles of perfectionism, self-efficacy, and stress; sociocultural factors, including race, ethnicity, family, and media, in relation to body image and eating disorders; and defining recovery from an eating disorder. Visit her online: The Bardone-Cone Lab.

Dr. Bardone-Cone will be accepting a student to start Fall 2018.

Baucom, Donald
Richard Lee Simpson Distinguished Professor
264 Davie Hall
(919) 962-5035

Dr. Baucom studies marital distress, cognitive-behavior therapy, and gender differences. Visit him online: Donald H. Baucom, Ph.D..

Dr. Baucom will not be accepting a student to start Fall 2018.

Daughters, Stacey
Associate Professor
247 Davie Hall
(919) 962-9924

Dr. Daughters studies addiction, distress tolerance, depression, technology enhanced treatments, behavioral activation therapy, neural correlates of reward processing, and distress tolerance. Visit her online: Biobehavioral Research on Addiction and Emotion [BRANE Lab].

Dr. Daughters will be accepting a student to start Fall 2018.

Gil, Karen
Pederson Distinguished Professor | Co-Associate Chair
254 Davie Hall
(919) 962-7447

Dr. Gil studies health psychology, chronic illness, acute and chronic pain, stress and coping, child and family therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. Visit her online: Karen M. Gil, Ph.D..

Dr. Gil will not be accepting a student to start Fall 2018.

Hussong, Andrea
Professor | Director of the Center for Developmental Science
262 Davie Hall
(919) 962-6593

Dr. Hussong studies social and familial influences associated with adolescent substance abuse and comorbid disorders among high-risk youth. Visit her online: Developmental Risk and Resilience Lab.

Dr. Hussong will not be accepting a student to start Fall 2018.

Jones, Deborah
Professor | Director of Research Services
267 Davie Hall
(919) 962-3995

Dr. Jones studies the mental and physical health and well-being in the family context; the mechanisms by which families transmit risk and resilience; and, most recently, the development and enhancement of prevention and intervention programs to meet the unique needs of at-risk and under-served families. Visit her online: Deborah J. Jones, Ph.D..

Dr. Jones will not be accepting a student to start Fall 2018.

Neblett, Enrique
Associate Professor | Co-Director of Diversity Initiatives
250 Davie Hall
(919) 843-9120

Dr. Neblett studies racism and African-American youth mental health; racial ethnocultural and physiological protective mechanisms; and cultural adaptations of evidence-based treatments for racial and ethnic minority youth. Visit him online: Enrique W. Neblett, Jr., Ph.D..

Dr. Neblett will be accepting a student to start Fall 2018.

Penn, David
Wagner-Martin Distinguished Professor
256 Davie Hall
(919) 843-7514

Dr. Penn studies social cognition and treatment of schizophrenia. Visit him online: Penn Lab.

Dr. Penn will be accepting a student to start Fall 2018.

Prinstein, Mitch
Seters Distinguished Professor | Director of Clinical Psychology
240 Davie Hall
(919) 962-3988

Dr. Prinstein studies cognitive-interpersonal models of adolescent depression and self-injury/suicidality, peer influence, and adolescent risk behavior. Visit him online: Mitch Prinstein, Ph.D., ABPP.

Dr. Prinstein will be accepting a student to start Fall 2018.

Sheridan, Margaret
Assistant Professor
248 Davie Hall
(919) 843-3182

Dr. Sheridan studies the neural mechanisms through which adversity affects brain development and risk for externalizing disorders; diagnosis and treatment of attention-deficit and hyperactivity disorder in early childhood; and typical and atypical development of the prefrontal cortex. Visit her online: Child Imaging Research on Cognition and Life Experiences.

Dr. Sheridan will not be accepting a student to start Fall 2018.

Youngstrom, Eric
257 Davie Hall
(919) 962-3997

Dr. Youngstrom studies bipolar disorder in children and adolescents; evidence-based approaches to assessment; and emotions in developmental psychopathology. Visit him online: Eric A. Youngstrom, Ph.D..

Dr. Youngstrom will be accepting a student to start Fall 2018.

Associated Faculty

Bulik, Cynthia
Director of Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders
Neurosciences Hospital
(919) 843-1689

Dr. Bulik studies the treatment and genetics of eating disorders and body weight regulation. Visit her online: UNC Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders.

Dr. Bulik will be accepting a student to start Fall 2018.

Dichter, Gabriel
Associate Professor
Department of Psychiatry
(919) 445-0132

Dr. Dichter studies neural mechanisms of core deficits and treatment response in autism spectrum disorders and affective disorders. Visit him online: Clinical Affective Neuroscience Laboratory.

Dr. Dichter will not be accepting a student to start Fall 2018.

Klinger, Laura
Director of TEACCH Autism Program
Department of PSychiatry
(919) 966-8183

Dr. Klinger studies childhood predictors of long-term outcomes in adults with autism spectrum disorder and the development of community-based intervention programs that promote successful adult outcomes. Visit her online: TEACCH Autism Program.

Dr. Klinger will not be accepting a student to start Fall 2018.

Fixed-Term Faculty

Fixed-Term Faculty run our Clinical Program Community Clinics and provide clinical supervision for graduate students.

Wise, Erica
Clinical Professor | Director of Psychological Services
246 Davie Hall
(919) 962-5034

Dr. Wise studies ethical and legal issues in clinical psychology; clinical training and supervision; and psychotherapy outcomes in training clinics.

Youngstrom, Jennifer
Clinical Professor | Director of Psychological Services
212 Finley Golf Course Road
(919) 843-2074

Dr. Youngstrom studies evidence-based or empirically supported treatments; effectiveness research with children and adolescents; and transporting treatments into the community.